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The 411

What, when and where?

The 2019 AMS Pi5NY Math Tournament will be held on Saturday, May 11th at The Armory, 216 Fort Washington Avenue (at 168th Street) in Manhattan.

Who's in?

It’s open to all 6th, 7th and 8th graders attending a public school in any of NYC’s 5 boroughs.

How does it play out?

Schools can register up to 12 teams of exactly 5 students, two per each of the following divisions:

  • 6th Grade Varsity
  • 6th Grade Junior Varsity
  • 7th Grade Varsity
  • 7th Grade Junior Varsity
  • 8th Grade Varsity
  • 8th Grade Junior Varsity

Varsity teams are open to any individual, but questions are geared toward students who scored 3 or 4 on the State Math Test. Junior Varsity teams are only for those who scored 1 or 2; OSIS numbers are required prior to the tournament to verify state test scores.

Following an Olympic-style opening ceremony – complete with the parade of Mathletes and the raising of the official Pi-nata - each team pits their wits and math skills against others in their grade/division in a 45 minute competition.

There are a number of different problems with point values ranging from 100-500 points – meaning that, as well as answering as many as you can correctly, teams have to strategize how many hard/easy ones to attempt. The team with the highest score wins their division.

Apart from being a fun, frazzled, full-focus day of inspirational math, there will be an Awards Ceremony to close the proceedings, at which the Grand Pi Trophy is presented to the division winner with the highest overall score. Each division's winning team will receive a Pi trophy, while each member of the 2nd and 3rd place teams is awarded a medal.

What's that noise?

This is math as a spectator sport, so audience participation is a big part of the equation. Families and friends are encouraged to come along to support their school teams.